The Pathfinders program supports students who present with varied disabilities such as: autism, developmental delays, intellectual or emotional impairments.  Generally, Pathfinders classrooms look more traditionally academic than the other two programs in this group. Of course, lessons are modified and teachers integrate a lot of “hands-on” materials and strategies to demonstrate concepts.

Overview of Pathfinders

The Pathfinders Program, comprised of six to eight classrooms, supports students with developmental delays and/or social, emotional or behavioral challenges.  Students benefit from smaller class sizes and instruction that is slower paced with many varied, opportunities to learn, rehearse, and demonstrate concepts. Materials such as pictures, manipulatives, audio and video supplements are used alongside traditional academic teaching tools. 

In both the classroom and therapeutic milieus, students work on communication, social, and self-regulation skills through collaborative activities and projects with their peers.  All groups have classroom-wide Positive Behavior Support goals and incentives and look forward to shopping at the Shore Store weekly.  Some students may have individual or group therapeutic or social skills services as part of their IEP’s.  

Functional life skills are a focus in all grades, but are particularly emphasized in middle, high and post-secondary classrooms.  Pathfinder students operate “Pop-Up” shops where hand-made crafts and food items may be purchased or coffee delivery service is provided.  Students get the full experience and skills associated with shopping for ingredients/materials, preparing items, and providing effective customer service. In all activities, students are supported to develop self-determination skills so they can pursue the paths that interest them most. 

Pathfinders Program Highlights

Ages & Grades

The Pathfinders program accommodates individuals ranging from ages 3 to 22, covering grades from Pre-Kindergarten to 12+ (Post Secondary).


The Pathfinders program focuses on the following disabilities: Intellectual Impairment, Developmental Disabilities.


All Pathfinders Classrooms are located at the Henry Owen School in Chelsea. For Pre-K to Elementary, the operating hours are from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm, while Middle, High School, and Post-Secondary programs operate from 8:00 am to 2:30 pm.

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