Shore’s Bridges/SOAR program serves middle school students in grades 6 to 8.  Students in these classrooms generally present with emotional and/or behavioral challenges, ADHD, or specific learning disabilities.

Overview of Bridges/SOAR

The Bridges/SOAR Program, comprised of three classrooms, supports middle school students who have emotional and behavior challenges that may be related to ADHD, learning disabilities, trauma or other factors. Students succeed in the Bridges/SOAR programs because classrooms have fewer students, more structure, and well-defined behavioral and academic expectations.  School adjustment counselors, occupational, and speech therapists are integral in leading transition planning and learning activities with students. 

Teachers employ highly individualized strategies based on students’ learning styles.  Academic lessons are supplemented with technology and hands-on projects to engage students.  School adjustment counselors and other interdisciplinary team members are often in and out of the classrooms and are scheduled to assist with lunch and recess periods to ensure continuity of therapeutic and educational goals.  A reading specialist works 1:1 with students who are evaluated as needing this extra intervention.

Bridges/SOAR Program Highlights

Ages & Grades

The Bridges/SOAR program accommodates individuals ranging from ages 11-14, covering grades 6-8.


The Bridges/SOAR program focuses on the following disabilities: Emotional Disabilities, Health (ADHD, ADD), Learning Disabilities.


Bridges/SOAR Classrooms are located at the Henry Owen School in Chelsea.

Hours are 8:00 am to 2:30 pm

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