Parent Training

Shore’s Parent training services assist parents in helping their children make progress and meet their goals. Consistency across home and school settings are often essential for students with disabilities, but achieving that is harder than it seems. Children often behave differently at home and school because the people and settings are so different. Special Education Teachers and Therapists are professionally trained to teach students academic, life, social and self-regulation skills.

Shore’s Parent Training Staff work with parents to better understand their child’s disability and the strategies that school staff use to help them learn and develop. Parent trainers work with families in their homes to provide this link between home and school. Examples of the work Parent Trainers do with families are:

  • Teach parents how and when to use communication devices so their children can practice and use language skills in both home and school settings.
  • Set up picture schedules to help children transition through home routines with less behavior issues.
  • Provide and teach parents to use the same adaptive equipment and steps that children are using and following at school to increase independence in dining skills (eating meals and snacks.)

Parent training services are written into students’ IEPs as related services at the frequency that the Team agrees is appropriate. In general, parent training services are provided weekly or biweekly.

For more information or to make a referral, contact us.

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