Public Relations, Communications & Engagement Services

We’ve been there.

At Shore Collaborative, our PR, Communications, and Engagement Services department knows what it takes to engage with families and community, amplify programs and events, celebrate staff and students, provide transparent communications, recruit and develop staff, be prepared for a crisis, and solve everyday challenges.

We also know you can’t do it alone.

With staffing shortages and limited resources nationwide, hiring a dedicated communications team member or expanding existing capacity may not be possible. That’s where we come in. Shore is a genuine partner dedicated to:

  • Creating and supporting communications systems and practices
  • Defining a narrative through multimedia solutions
  • Refining website content and management
  • Enhancing community participation

Regardless of whether you have your own communication specialist, need full service, or need support with a short term project, Shore understands the unique needs that schools and educational institutions have. Through a personalized approach, Shore ensures that its services resonate perfectly with your needs. Because each need is different, customized service packages are created to fit your project and budget.

About our Director of PR, Communications, & Engagement Services

Liz Polay-Wettengel, Director of Shore’s PR, Communications, and Engagement Services department, is an accomplished public relations and communications strategist with a rich history spanning over two decades. Liz’s professional journey spans diverse sectors and showcases her profound dedication to effective communication.

Liz’s career began in the music industry for EMI/Capitol Records before serving in various leadership roles in nonprofits in the Boston area. Through her visionary leadership, she established a thriving online community hub that provided a sense of belonging to Jewish families and young adults, transformed outdated branding and materials, created long-form and short-form videos to tell stories, and harnessed the power of social media to deliver modern, engaging educational content, captivating a widespread audience.

In 2019, on the brink of a global pandemic, Liz embraced a new challenge as Chief of Public Relations for an urban public school district outside of Boston. Serving on the district’s executive team, she swiftly implemented cutting-edge communication strategies that transcended linguistic barriers, modernized outdated systems, and established a transparent bridge of engagement with families.

She now brings this wealth of knowledge to Shore Educational Collaborative to support others with their growing communications needs.

Our district and Salem, Massachusetts as a whole have been strengthened by the work Liz did to build connections, share information, and lift up our schools, our staff, and our kids.
– Salem Mayor Dominick Pangallo

As a state agency, Shore Educational Collaborative is exempt from state procurement law (MGL Chapter 30B). Cities, towns, regions, and school districts may simply negotiate a scope of services and a price, saving both time and money. Similarly, Massachusetts state agencies may enter into Interagency Service Agreements with Shore.


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