About Shore

We educate, enrich, and inspire children and adults with disabilities to reach their full potential.

Shore’s School Programs

Shore’s school programs at the Henry Owen School in Chelsea include all ages, from preschool to age 22, in classrooms that support children with varied disabilities, strengths, and academic goals. Students are supported by a strong interdisciplinary team, which may include teachers, paraprofessionals, occupational, speech, and physical therapists, school adjustment counselors, behavior analysts, and nurses. Our innovative programming includes full-time staff that allows our students to explore music, art, health, and adaptive PE. Shore is the first school for students with disabilities to partner with City Connects. City Connects builds a network of support for students, their families, and the schools that serve them, improving outcomes now and for years to come.

Shore’s Adult Programs

Shore’s Adult Services Division serves adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities through day programs located in Chelsea, Peabody, and Woburn. All of Shore’s adult day programs offer day habilitation (Day Hab), funded primarily through MassHealth, and Community Based Day Supports (CBDS), funded through the Department of Developmental Disabilities (DDS). Most of our participants either receive full-day hab support, or a combination of Day Hab and CBDS services.

Shore’s District Support Services

Shore also supports school districts through consultations, professional development, and operational support, including: transition services; public relations, communications and engagement services; home training; assistive technology and augmentative communication services; program evaluation; coordinated program review support; out of district monitoring; “job alikes”; and Medicare billing.

Shore’s Values

Individuals First

We place the interests and needs of our students and adult participants first.


We strive to be exceptional in our programs and in our professions.


We value our community of diverse backgrounds, experiences, beliefs, and perspectives.


We are kind and empathetic to the extraordinary people we serve and their families.


We make our decisions based on honesty and strong moral principles.


We accept ownership for our decisions and commitments.

Shore’s History

Through the years, Shore has responded to the needs of school districts to create and provide special-education related services.

Board of Directors

The Shore Board of Directors is responsible for the overall governance of the organization.

staff member and adult individual in a wheelchair dancing

Leadership Team

The Leadership Team is a group talented and long-tenured administrators who lead Shore’s School Programs, Adult Services Programs, and Administration.

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